What is a refill?

What is a refill? A refill is a way of getting a new supply of medication from the pharmacy without getting a new prescription. When your provider first prescribes you a new medication, they write the prescription in a way that tells the pharmacy to give you a certain quantity of medication. This supply is meant to last you for a certain amount of days. For example, you might receive a 30-day prescription with one refill. This means that after you finish your 30 day supply, you have access to another 30 day supply of medication. The prescription also gives the pharmacy instructions, such as the name of your medication, dose, and the way you will take it (such as orally, intramuscular injection, topically, etc.). Plume sends all of this information electronically to your pharmacy.

In addition to instructions, most prescription orders also include refills. That’s our way of telling your pharmacy “When this lovely human is about to run out of their medication, let them fill their prescription again.” The label of your medication should list the number of refills you have left, but your pharmacy can also tell you this information! You can ask the pharmacist by saying something like:

Can you tell me how many refills I have left on my medication?”

"How many more times can I refill my prescription?”

"How many refills are left on my [name of medication]?”

How do I know how many refills are left?

You can refer to your medication's label to see how many refills are associated with that particular prescription order. Most prescription labels will include the following: 

  • Pharmacy contact information - name address and phone number 

  • Your legal name 

  • Prescription number 

  • Your physician's name (who ordered the medication) 

  • Name of medication 

  • Expiration date 

  • Number of refills allowed by your physician

  • Directions on how to take the medication

If you see no refills are available on the label, it is likely due to using all the refills associated with that prescription order. Your provider sets reminders when they expect you to finish your medication and has likely already sent a new prescription order to your pharmacy. When a new order is sent, it creates a new prescription number that is different from the number associated with the old prescription order that included the refills. So even though you are seeing no refills on the label (because you have used them all), you do have a prescription order available in the pharmacy’s system. Contact your pharmacy to verify what is available for you and if any actions are needed from your Plume provider.

NOTE: Some states do not allow refills to be added to controlled substances, such as testosterone. In these cases, your Plume care provider will set regular reminders to ensure your medications are sent to your pharmacy every month so you don’t run out of the medication you need.

Running low on your medication? You’re ready to refill! 

When you have about 8-11 days worth of medication left, it’s time for a refill! The first step is to contact your pharmacy.  Learn about the best way to do this by reading our article about how to navigate the pharmacy. Our step-by-step is an easy guide to how to get your medication! 

Why does my pharmacy app say I have no refills left? 

Some pharmacies offer an option for you to download their app to monitor your prescription status. This can be an easy and convenient way for you to control your prescriptions. However, sometimes when you have refills available, your pharmacy app or other automated/self-serve option may incorrectly say you have none left. The reasons for this might include: 

  • You are attempting to refill an old prescription order but a new one was already sent
  • The pharmacy’s system hasn’t been updated yet

  • A dosage change was made and the refill doesn’t have that information

  • Another change was made to the prescription 

If this happens to you, give the pharmacy a call and speak to someone directly to ensure you have the most accurate information. Someone on the pharmacy team can look up your information in their electronic system. It is possible that there are indeed refills available and no new prescription order is needed. It is best to clarify everything with the pharmacy first so you (and we) know the best way to move forward! 

NOTE: This information is relevant if you receive prescriptions from your local pharmacy. If you are using our pharmacy delivery service, your Care Team will set internal reminders letting them know when you are getting close to running out. Your Care Team will then reach out to you when it is time to refill and to confirm your order.