I'm a current member. How do I get in touch?

If you are a current member and you have not yet been invited to join our Plume Member Portal, please continue to reach out to the Care Team for assistance in Spruce or email us at

If you are a current member and you have been invited to join the Plume Member Portal, please reach out to the Care Team for assistance in Messages.


For general questions and comments 

For all general questions and comments, you may send us an email at and a care team member will get back to you within 3-4 business days. 

If you are a member, please reach out to your care team in the Spruce app.


For fax, our number is 720-815-0227. Please note if you are a medical professional requesting information on behalf of the patient, a release of information form must be completed by the patient. 


Our phone number is 720-897-3749. While we do not have a live phone answering service at this time, you may leave a voicemail leaving your name, contact info, and as much detail as possible regarding your inquiry. We will reach out as soon as possible! 


Our company address is 303 S Broadway #200-357 Denver, CO 80209. Please note we are a fully remote telehealth company and do NOT have an in-person office. All appointments are conducted via video call. 

I messaged in Spruce but have not gotten a response

We are so sorry you have not heard back yet! We strive to answer everyone within 3 business days. Sometimes it can take a little longer when we are experiencing an influx in message volume. 

A friendly reminder if multiple messages are sent several days in a row, it can extend the response time. This is because we answer messages in the order they come in (from oldest to newest), and each additional message pushes the conversation thread further down in the queue to “newest,” so it may take longer for us to see it. We are actively exploring ways to improve our communication technology. 

For assistance with time sensitive requests, mark your message "urgent" in Spruce or reach out to us at and we will follow up as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.