The HRT Access Fund provides 12 months of free medical care for trans folks seeking gender-affirming hormone therapy (also known as “HRT.”) Through this program recipients receive access to a 12 months Plume membership which includes:

  • medical care through initial and regular telemedical visits

  • 3x year lab work and monitoring through Quest Diagnostics

  • 24/7 text access to our predominantly trans care team

  • any medical letters you may need related to your transition

  • prescription cost coverage

The HRT Access Fund is a partnership between Plume and the amazing team at the nonprofit organization, Point of Pride.


How do I know I am a grant winner?
You will receive an email from Point of Pride indicating you are a grant winner. You will then receive a welcome email from Plume with instructions on how to set up your membership.

What is covered by my grant?

  • Medical care with Plume providers
  • 3x year lab work and monitoring through Quest Diagnostics
  • Access to our predominantly trans care team
  • Any medical letters you may need related to your transition 
  • E+ Prescriptions cost coverage through our mail order pharmacy, Empower 
    Testosterone prescriptions will be reimbursed 
    Due to potential upcoming changes in Federal prescription law these can no longer be sent through our mail order pharmacy

  • Access to 6-week Peer Support Groups
  • Access to the Plume Member Resource Center

When does my membership coverage start?

Your membership starts from your initial intake appointment and will continue until the same date 12 months after.

How do I get set up with my membership? 

If you already have a Spruce account with Plume you can sign into this account and reach out to let the team know you are a Point of Pride grant winner. If you do not have a Spruce account, please complete the following steps:

  1. Select the correct link based on your membership type and state. Appointment links will be available Sept 8, 2022.

  1. After selecting the link above you will be prompted to:

    1. Enter your state

    2. Select your package type. You will be able to enter your coupon code later in step 5 so do not be concerned about the price listed.

    3. Set your appointment type

    4. Find and schedule your appointment

    5. Enter your information, including your ‘Point of Pride’ membership coupon

  2. Download our HIPAA-compliant messaging app, Spruce, to complete your medical intake and message your care team. Please ignore the appointment scheduling prompt in the Spruce flow!

Why do I need to enter my billing and payment information? 

We need to enter your payment information to create a payment profile, this is linked to creating your medical chart. Your card will not be charged.

How do I get my medications?

If you wish to have your E+ medications covered, you will use our Mail order pharmacy. When you fill out your intake form, you can list Empower as your pharmacy of choice if you want to use this part of your grant coverage. 

For testosterone prescriptions, due to pharmacy legalities with Empower and sending out controlled substances, you will have to use a local pharmacy to receive your prescriptions. You will also want to make sure to keep a record of payment for your prescriptions so this can be reimbursed.

*Please note that we cannot cover the cost of non Testosterone medications sent to local pharmacies.

Where do I go for my labs? 

Labs should be completed, with Plume partner, Quest Diagnostics. You can find a lab close to you here. Please make sure the location is titled Quest Diagnostics to ensure that Plume can cover your labs.

  • If you live in Arizona, the Quest facilities are labeled "Sonora Quest Laboratories." In Arizona, please find lab locations with this name to ensure that Plume can cover your labs.

  • If you live in Oklahoma, Quest facilities are labeled as "Quest Diagnostics" in this state. But you can also go to facilities labeled "Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma." Your Plume membership covers both."

How do I get reimbursed by Point of Pride?

Please fill out this brief form for Point of Pride to request prepayment. You will be asked to provide a detailed breakdown, to the best of your ability, of the anticipated expenses.

Please be sure to keep your receipts and email them to Point of Pride as soon as possible after you’ve used the money provided or with any questions on this process. 

Please keep in mind that only the following items are eligible for reimbursement:

  • Prescription Cost at Pharmacy (for those unable to fill medications through our mail-order pharmacy Empower) for your Plume-prescribed gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT or HRT) only. Any additional prescriptions provided by any other physicians are not included in your grant.

  • Blood work at Quest Labs as required by your Plume provider. Any additional blood work required by any other physicians is not included in your grant.

  • Transportation to and from Quest Labs as required by your Plume Provider.

How do I know when my grant is ending? 
A care team member will reach out a month before the end of your grant coverage to provide you with options on continuing your membership. At this point, you will be able to continue receiving your care with Plume as a paying member or transfer care to another provider.

Can I continue care after my grant coverage ends?

Yes! You will have to let the team know you are wishing to continue care with us and we can get a payment card on file and continue your care at the monthly membership fee. You can also reapply for another Grant cycle through Point of Pride. *This does not guarantee you will be selected for another year.