When should I get my labs?

If you inject medicines, get your blood drawn midway between injection days. For example, if your injections are on Tuesday, schedule your blood work for Friday or Saturday.  Please do not get labs drawn the day after you inject.  If you inject on the day your labs are done, have the labs drawn first, then do your hormone injection after you have completed your labs.

If you take tablets, schedule your blood draw approximately six hours after your dose.

If you use a gel, apply the gel away from the inside of your forearm where your elbow bends or get blood drawn in the other arm. Having gel on your skin at the draw site can skew your test results. It is even better if you wait to apply gel until after your labs are drawn.

Where do I go to get my labs done?

Labs can be done at any first-party Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp facility. Please note that third-party facilities are not covered. If you have any question about the facility you wish to visit, please reach out to your Care Team and provide the lab address.

Click here to find a Quest Diagnostics location

Click here to find a Labcorp location 

Plume’s medical providers are more than happy to send lab orders to a lab facility other than Quest or Labcorp. However, please bear in mind that we are unable to cover the costs of labs via other facilities at this time. You may always use your own private insurance or pay out of pocket for labs done at locations other than Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp. 


If your labs are performed at a Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp, the results will automatically be sent to your Plume provider. If your labs are drawn somewhere else, just be sure that the results get sent to Plume. You can do this by requesting that the lab fax the results directly to Plume at  720-815-0227 (or, if that’s not possible, you can send us the results through Spruce or

Please note that if you live in Arizona, the Quest facilities are labeled "Sonora Quest Laboratories." In Arizona, please find lab locations with this name to ensure that Plume can cover your labs. 

If you live in Oklahoma, there are Quest facilities that are labeled as "Quest Diagnostics" in this state. But you can also go to facilities labeled "Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma."

Where do I get my labs if I’m using my insurance for Plume?

If you are using eligible health insurance to help cover the costs of Plume services, please note that some insurance companies only cover the cost of labs at either Quest Diagnostics OR Labcorp, but not both. For example, if your insurance company only covers the cost of Labcorp but not Quest Diagnostics, you must get labs at Labcorp to be covered under the Plume Membership with Insurance. You can double check with your insurance by calling the customer support number on the back of your card. 

How often do I need to get my labs done?

When you start taking hormones or start again after a significant break, you usually need to get lab tests done every 3 months. Once you've been on a steady dose for a year or more, we might be able to wait longer between tests.

It's really important to do your lab tests on time and then have a visit with your Plume provider. If you don't do your tests in a timely manner, your healthcare provider won't be able to give you more medicine. We don't want you to miss out on your hormones, but keeping you safe is the most important thing. Help us take care of you by being consistent!

What if I can’t get to a Quest or Labcorp?

We apologize that there are no Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp locations closer to your area. As Plume is only contracted with Quest and Labcorp, we are unable to accommodate the cost of alternative lab facilities at this time. Your other options are: 

  • Go to your primary care provider for testing. Your Plume team will provide you with the exact tests that need to be performed and you can bring this information to your primary care provider.

  • Pay out of pocket for testing at an alternative facility

  • Ask your private insurance company to cover your tests. You can try calling the number on the back of your insurance card to speak to a representative. Be sure to have the list of the labs that you will need when you make this call.

All of these options have varying costs. You could pay $100-200 for your quarterly labs, depending on whether you use insurance or not. To guarantee lab payment coverage through Plume, it must be done at a Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp location.