Plume membership now includes more!

Plume members now have access to an expanded list of care services including anxiety, acne, contraception (birth control), depression, insomnia, and smoking cessation. This list of expanded services is only the start. We’re also continuing to be in conversation with insurance companies to significantly lower the cost of membership. 

Reach out to your Care Team for questions and more information on expanded care services with Plume. 


Why expanded services?

We know that your gender journey is much more than just hormones. Acne, anxiety, depression, contraception, insomnia, and other conditions are all concerns the trans community experiences. Through expanding our services, we’re able to safely prescribe treatments for these common issues our patients are experiencing—all included in your existing membership and from the convenience of your phone.

The trans community often avoids seeking care for a variety of health concerns due to lack of cultural competency. More than one in six queer and transgender adults reported avoiding health care due to anticipated discrimination. According to Rock Health’s Digital Health Consumer Adoption survey last year, 85% of transgender respondents delayed necessary medical care, compared to 20% of cisgender respondents. Having access to a culturally competent provider removes the barrier and anxiety of being in an in-person setting, and allows for a safe and trans friendly experience from the convenience of your phone.

What conditions can be treated with my membership at Plume?

Acne, anxiety, depression, smoking cessation, insomnia, and contraception are health concerns that can now be diagnosed and treated through Plume. This is in addition to gender affirming hormone therapy – all of which will be part of your Plume membership.


States available

Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy

All Active Plume states





Contraception (birth control)






Smoking cessation


Do I have to pay for expanded services separately from GAHT?

No. Both expanded services and gender affirming hormone therapy are currently included in your Plume membership. 

Can I use your mail-order pharmacy for medications prescribed outside of gender affirming hormone therapy? 

At this time we are only able to support mail order for gender affirming hormone therapy.

Will my GAHT provider see me for my other healthcare needs?

Yes. Your GAHT provider will also be the same provider delivering expanded care services.

How do I schedule a follow up appointment?

Message your care team in Spruce for a link to schedule your follow up appointment with your Plume provider.

What can I expect during my appointment?

During the appointment, a medical provider will learn about your needs and history related to your specific health concerns. This includes how long you have experienced the condition, any prior care you have received for the condition, and what your needs and/or goals are. From there, a provider will share treatment options and talk through the treatment plan.

Can I list my Plume provider as my primary care provider?

No.  Primary care is a comprehensive healthcare service that offers chronic disease management, wellness and preventative care (e.g. cancer screenings and immunizations), and acute care for short term illnesses such as urinary tract infections or sore throats.  While we are offering some of these services, we are not a replacement for your primary care provider at this time.

I’m outside eligible virtual primary care states, when can I expect additional care services?

We are excited to continue to expand the states and services that we can offer. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.