Getting the letter

In order to complete a letter of support for Emotional Support Animal approval, your care team will need to know the following information about you and your animal:

  • What are your mental health diagnoses? 

  • How does your animal assist you with your mental health diagnoses? 

  • The animal’s name and species

  • How does your animal help you personally? Some common answers are helping cope with stress, increasing a sense of responsibility, creating a routine, reducing self-harm, representing a sense of chosen family/community, and decreasing panic attacks.

While we can provide a letter, we can't guarantee that the letter will cause your landlord to allow your emotional support animal. Laws about support animals vary from state to state. While emotional support animals are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you may need to take additional steps to access that protection. The letter Plume creates for you is a way for us to support you and your overall wellness. We are certainly crossing our fingers for you!