How does Care Navigation work?

Care Navigation is a comprehensive exploration of members' health and wellness needs, preferences, and personal objectives. Its primary goal is to improve your overall health and well-being. This process involves a thorough assessment of unique challenges and potential barriers you may be experiencing that influence your health and wellness.

Care Navigation recognizes that your health is not solely determined by personal choices but is influenced by external factors, such as socioeconomic conditions, lifestyle, and access to healthcare. These factors, known as determinants of health, play a crucial role in shaping health outcomes. Taking into consideration these factors enables us to provide customized support and interventions to address your specific needs to enhance health and well-being.

How long are the Care Navigation Needs Assessment Appointments?

45-60 minutes. 

What questions will I be asked? 

A Care Team member will ask various yes/no, multiple choice, and short answer questions regarding your gender journey, background, health history, and wellbeing.

Do I need to be on a video call?

No. Needs assessment appointments are an audio-only call using the phone number provided at the time of booking your appointment .

Is Care Navigation an additional cost?

No. Care Navigation is a service that is included in your membership.

What if I can’t make my appointment?

Feel free to give us a heads up by sending a message in Spruce or at There is no fee if you cannot make your appointment. 

Do I need to complete any paperwork before my Needs Assessment appointment?

Nope! There is no intake or paperwork required. If you were invited to participate in the Needs Assessment pilot, simply select the day and time that works for you using the scheduling link provided in the invitation. 

I had my appointment, now what?

A Care Team member will review the details of your assessment and identify areas to provide support. This can include referrals to internal resources Plume provides, as well as referring you to local and national resources to support you in your gender, health, and wellness journey. Our Care Team will reach out to you with resources and recommended next steps based on the information provided in your assessment.