Telehealth has lots of advantages, and one of them is being able to take your care with you! Whether you are on vacation, in a new city for school, or starting fresh in a new state, you may find yourself needing a prescription refill or wanting to continue your care with Plume in a new location. To make sure you are in an active Plume state, please check our active states map here

Information for your Care Team

If you are moving or traveling for an extended period of time and anticipate running out of medication during your stay, please immediately let your Care Team know the following information so we can update your provider and chart: 
  • What will be your new home address?
  • New pharmacy address? 
  • When are you expecting to be at your new address? 
If you are updating your pharmacy, we recommend that patients use a pharmacy in the same pharmacy chain to make the transfer process more manageable. Additionally, we recommend that patients look for a pharmacy in their insurance network, or they may have to pay out-of-pocket.

What is a Transfer of Care?

If you are moving or traveling to a Plume active state but your current provider is not licensed in the state you are traveling or moving to, it will require a Transfer of Care. This means that we will need to help you find another provider licensed in the new state. Due to national telehealth laws, our clinicians are required to have a brief video visit with you to establish care before they can send new prescriptions for all transfers of care. This visit would be roughly 10-15 minutes in length and you will be provided with a link to schedule at your earliest convenience. 

I travel regularly for work, where should I get my prescriptions?

Since your Plume provider must be licensed in the state you are in to prescribe medication there, it is important to establish care in a state you expect to be in the most. For example, if you travel between Texas and California but your provider is only licensed in Texas, they cannot send medications to a pharmacy in California. Ask your provider about how many months worth of medication they are able to prescribe for you. If you inject, you may purchase injection supplies in bulk so you can plan ahead for your travels. 

How should I travel with my medication? 

We recommend putting your injection supplies in a separate bag with all your prescription labels from the pharmacy inside the bag. Declare your unused syringes with TSA officers at the security checkpoint. Let us know if there are any other questions around traveling with your medication!

I'm moving for college/university but I will be back in my home state during break. How can I continue my care?

If you are moving to a new location for school, immediately let your Care Team know! The sooner we know your new home information, the sooner we can assist to ensure you have no delays in care. Please let your Care Team know in a message via Spruce when you expect to be in your new location and when you expect to be back in your home state. We will do our best to find a provider that is possibly licensed in both states, or will setup a plan to ensure a seamless transition of care between both states across multiple providers. 

I have refills left at my old pharmacy in my home state. Can I transfer them to a new pharmacy? 

Generally, most state laws allow patients to transfer non-controlled prescriptions themselves from their home state to the state they are traveling to. You can attempt to move your non-controlled medications to a new, out-of-state pharmacy. We cannot guarantee that your transfer will go through, primarily if your provider is not licensed in the state where you are transferring your medications. Any attempt to transfer your non-controlled scripts to a different state pharmacy when you travel cannot be sent by our team on your behalf if you are unsuccessful in your transfer and your provider is not licensed in the state you are traveling. 

Controlled substance prescriptions (testosterone) have more stringent laws in most states. If you need your testosterone in a different state than the state that you live in, please reach out to the Plume team so we can help you to get your testosterone prescription sent to another state.