Plume is shifting to an appointment-based (also known as synchronous) model of care in 2024! This means, in addition to your initial onboarding appointment, you will now meet virtually with your care provider to discuss lab results, refill gender affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) prescriptions or address other health issues that might come up. This will also apply if you’re restarting care with us or if you’re transferring your care to us from another provider.


What is the difference between appointment-based (synchronous) and asynchronous care? 

Depending on the nature of your request/concern, the Care Team will provide a link to schedule an appointment with your provider. This would be considered a “synchronous” visit. Synchronous care means you are meeting with your provider at the time you are receiving medical care. You would schedule an appointment and then meet with your provider on that chosen day and time. A Plume clinician discussing your lab results, adjusting your dose or starting a new prescription, or answering health concerns during a telehealth call are all examples of synchronous care. 

Asynchronous care means that you and your provider communicate health concerns without meeting with each other for a video visit. You might send a message asking a question and then your provider will respond a short time later with an answer. Since the communication is happening at different times, this is considered asynchronous care. 

What are the benefits of synchronous care? 

Synchronous care means we can do more! Appointment-based care enables our clinicians to develop a deeper understanding of your health needs and provide you with a more robust and elevated care experience. By dedicating time specifically to privately discuss health concerns, we are able to expand the scope of services we offer outside of GAHT. Additionally, Plume members using eligible insurance to reduce their membership fee will be able to use their insurance for all follow-up appointments with their provider. Insurance companies will only cover the costs of virtual video appointments, not asynchronous care. Shifting to an appointment-based care model allows our members to use their insurance for costs of GAHT and for our expanded services available to Plume members.

When should I schedule an appointment with my provider?

You should schedule an appointment when you want to discuss or make changes to your care plan, such as adjusting prescriptions, discussing lab results, or have any concerns with GAHT. If you want to discuss non-urgent side effects or symptoms you are experiencing, you will also need to schedule an appointment with your provider. Let us know you are interested in setting up an appointment and a Care Team member will send you a link to schedule.

Please note that if you are experiencing urgent side effects, our providers do not provide emergency medical health care. We advise you to go to your nearest clinic or hospital if you are experiencing symptoms that require immediate medical attention. 

How many appointments do I need to receive my medication?

There is not a specific number of appointments required to receive your medication. The frequency of visits depends on your individual care. The Care Team will remind you when to schedule a follow up appointment, such as when your lab results come in or when you run out of refills and need a new prescription sent. If you want to adjust your medications or have any additional concerns you want to discuss with your provider, you will have these follow up appointments in addition to the continuous follow-up appointments regarding labs and new prescriptions. 

Is the Care Team still available to answer questions?

Absolutely! In addition to routine visits with your provider, your Care Team is available for the stuff in between! Everything from providing supportive resources, billing questions, membership information, and writing letters of support, the Care Team is available Monday-Friday from 8am to 6pm (Mountain Time) to answer your questions. 

We understand that navigating healthcare can sometimes feel overwhelming. With appointment-based care, you'll have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with your provider, whether it's about lab results, adjusting prescriptions, or addressing other health concerns. This personalized approach ensures that your journey with us is characterized by compassion, respect, and empowerment catered to your specific needs and goals.